Nutrition And The Body 's Dietary Needs Essay

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According to the World Health Organization nutrition is defined as “the intake of food, considered in relation to the body’s dietary needs.” This topic is often overlooked by many Americans and its relationship with a healthy life is often never understood. From before life begins in the embryonic stages to the final stages of life nutrition plays a vital role in the life a person. Poor nutrition can be caused by over indulgence or deprivation of essential nutrients and can lead to a decreased immune system which increases susceptibly to other diseases, obesity, poor wound healing and decrease in essential development in young ages. Nutrition is an important aspect in the health and well-being of our population. Educating the public on the affects on health of poor nutrition is key in preventing the continual premature deaths in America. Malnutrition caused by the deprivation of certain essential nutrients can be life threatening. There are two types of poor nutrition related to deprivation of nutrients. Malnutrition is characterized by not eating enough calories or consuming enough energy for the body to work properly. The importance of proper nutrition shows as early as the formation of an embryo during fetal development. Without the consumption of essential vitamins and minerals by the mother a fetus will be unable to develop properly, if at all. Also, the mother will be more likely to have complications with her own health during the pregnancy if malnutrition occurs.
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