Nutrition Argument Essay

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Yes , Nutrition can help you stay focused,energized,and even awake . You need nutritions like water, carbs, and proteins to help you survive through the day. It helps you gain weight , It keeps you fueled, and it helps you heal faster Recent studies have demonstrated that nutrition affects students' thinking skills, behavior, and health, all factors that impact academic performance.Nutrition also indirectly impacts school performance.If you don't have a certain amount of nutrients you could lack energy and focus during the day or and after noon sports. Instead of being excited and fully energized you will be drowsy and ready for more sleep.Calories provide a measure of how much energy you get from a serving of this food. Many Americans…show more content…
... If carbohydrate in the diet is restricted, a person's ability to exercise is compromised because there is not enough glycogen kept in storage to fuel the body.The three main nutrients used for energy are carbohydrates, protein, and fats, with carbohydrates being the most important source. Your body can also use protein and fats for energy when carbs have been depleted. When you eat, your body breaks down nutrients into smaller components and absorbs them to use as fuel. If your feeling drowsy or really tired during the day you might have low iron or low on nutrition. People with diabetes also have a higher risk of developing foot ulcers that can take weeks or months to heal. Food choices and nutritional status influence wound healing since serious wounds increase the energy, vitamin, mineral and protein requirements necessary to promote healing. Most things can help your blood clot and you serious sores or cuts heal, When you have like a smell or oder example: a skunk you wash you body in tomato sauce to get the smell to fade away . When you want your teeth to grow strong or eyes to be clear you can eat certain thing to help them get stronger that's exactly how you can clear your skin from sores bumps and ect. With these 3 examples i proved my point and how i think that nutrients affects kids and their performance so make sure that you eat what
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