Nutrition Diet Analysis Essay

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Quitno 1 Crisel Joy Quinto Nutrition 313: Contemporary Nutrition Kelly Lane November 26, 2014 Diet Analysis Based on a 24 Hour Recall of my diet, results using NutriCalc Plus report that my food intake lacked a healthy balance of all food groups. My Grain intake reached only 60% of the My Plate daily recommendations. My Vegetable intake was a mere 50% of the recommended servings. Additionally, I consumed 84% of the daily recommendations for the Dairy Group. Nonetheless, I did exceed the recommendations for the Fruit Group and Protein Group with intakes of 155% and 107%, respectively. With a newly developed understanding of Nutrition, diets with plenty of vegetables and whole grains will provide a great source of fiber. Furthermore,…show more content…
Highlighting from the research publication, “A Prospective Study of Dietary Fiber Intake and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Among Women” from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, researchers developed a food-frequency questionnaire assessing 39,876 female health professionals with no previous history of CVD or cancer to support the concept. Women were followed for an average of six years for incidence of various CVD or death confirmed by medical records or death certificates. Evidence from epidemiological studies suggests a strong inverse association between dietary fiber and coronary disease, high intakes of fiber and 20% to 40% in reductions to risk, as well as increased intake of fiber and reduction of plasma cholesterol. The data generally support current dietary recommendations to increase the consumption of fiber-rich whole grains and vegetables as a primary preventive measure against Cardio vascular disease. Quitno2 To determine the level of my fiber intake from a 3 day sample of my diet, I performed a Prospective Diet Analysis. On average, I consumed 22.3 grams of fiber, just missing the recommendation of 25 grams. Coherent to the findings of the related studies, my cholesterol intake decreased and by the third day totaled 124.5 mg, which relates to 42% of the Daily Recommended Intake of 300 mg. 3 Day Diet Analysis of Total Fiber and Cholesterol Consumed Fiber in grams Percentage to AI
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