Nutrition In Medical Schools

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According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention nearly 50% of deaths in the United States are preventable when you involve behavioral factors such as nutrition and lack of exercise. Since poor diet is the number one cause of death and disability in this country according to Population Reference Bureau. You would expect it to be the number one thing taught in medical schools and conferences. But clearly it isn’t the case.
The Lyon Mediterranean Diet Heart Study presented a reduction of cardiovascular events by 72%.This all attributed to a whole food plant based diet with low refined carbs and animal foods. It not only reversed heart disease but it provided defenses against diabetes and cancer. Having these breakthroughs in nutrition
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Yet there are so many studies and trials out there showing nutrition impacting these diseases and ailments without evasive procedures and having to live on medicine for the remainder of patience lives nutrition education after graduation is similarly poor, limited requirements occur and there is little to no boosting of principles learned during medical school, nor opportunities for experiences established by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medication Education (ACGME). The reasons for the low ordering of nutrition in medical training most likely include a reduced focus on disease prevention and management compared to using technological advancements for treatments. Maybe old school views of nutrition as less evidence based than other sciences is the issue. Could be from lack of understanding, and funded research within medical institutions, that has gotten us to this point. Could there be more to it. Could it be something I’m not…show more content…
Maybe if government and states were mandating or coming down on doctors or there was a huge outpour of request for the alternative, things would be different. By emphasizing the influential role of nutrition, we could radically lessen suffering and unwelcome death. We have had the knowledge we need for some time what we need now is the will to put it into practice. Using programs like the Million Hearts Initiative is a start. Each year more than two million Americans have a heart attack or stroke, so our government launched a Million Hearts Initiative to prevent one million of the ten million heart attacks and strokes that will occur in the next five years. In the state of California a bill drafted by well-known Dr. John McDougall (carb diet guy) was introduced in California to mandate that physicians get continuing medical education in nutrition. It mandates that they have at least 7 hours of nutrition education by December 2016 of this year. George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Physicians Committee has an International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine every year. This medical conference features prominent speakers, Chefs, powerful and practical information for preventative health. It gives you opportunities for networking with industry leaders, speakers, and fellow attendees. You get your yearly continuing medical education credits, heart-healthy
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