Nutrition Is A Essential Component Of Remaining Healthy Individual

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Childhood Nutrition Nutrition is a crucial component of remaining a healthy individual. Healthy eating, and exercise can allow for children and adults to remain healthy. For children, nutrition is extremely important. By learning healthy habits and exercise in the early years of life, a child will be more likely to remain healthy throughout its life and reduce the risk of various diseases. Nutrition is providing the proper amounts of food that is required for growth and development of a child. By providing your body with the proper amount of nutrients the body will be nourished. Good nutrition will provide a child’s body with the energy it needs to complete tasks throughout the day. A good nutrition means having the right amount of…show more content…
Complex carbohydrates are digested slower than simple carbohydrates. A typical child over the age of two requires fifty to sixty percent of their calories consumed to be from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide the body with glucose, which is a primary source of energy (Six Components of Nutrition). Energy is needed in order to help fuel a child throughout the day, which is why it is crucial for carbohydrates to be incorporated into the diet of a child. This type of nutrient may be found in vegetables, whole grains and fruits. Protein is another one of the six nutrients needed to nourish the body. Protein is required for individuals because it is necessary for the development of healthy muscles, skin and hair. Along with that, it contributes to the chemical reactions within the body. Proteins provide the body with the nine amino acids that are essential for human health. An average child needs to eat between ten percent and thirty percent of their daily calories in protein (Six Components of Nutrition). Typically, proteins can enter the body be eating any meat such as chicken, steak or ham. However, if a child is a vegetarian, there are other ways in order to ensure they are receiving an adequate amount of protein for their bodies. Things such as rice and beans may help the child gain the necessary proteins without eating meats. Fats are a nutrition that is required for the body. Despite the belief that fats are unhealthy for you, they are required
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