Nutrition Is Essential Component Of Physical Fitness And Performance

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Nutrition is vital component of physical fitness and performance. Eating balanced diet is very important in health, as our bodies need essentials nutrition to live, grow and function properly. However, are there any additional supplements needed for people who engages in physical activities more than the others? In the past decades, many workout supplementation has gained vast majority of popularity among young males who attempts to enhance their strength and physical performances. Performance supplements must be consumed close proximity to resistance exercises in order to experience full effects if there is one. Performance supplements are widely accessible in the public as it is one of the supplements that has been purchased the most among young adults population, hence, it is necessary to take close look at the product. It is crucial to take close examine of performance supplement to find out if there are any effects at all in strength and performance enhancement Ormsbee et al. (2012), in their Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition article, “The effects of six weeks of supplementation with multi-ingredient performance supplements and resistance training on anabolic hormones, body composition, strength and power in resistance-trained men” states that Multi-Ingredient performance supplements (MIPS) increase peak anaerobic power. The study consisted of six weeks of training with two controlled groups in which one group consumes performance supplements
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