Nutrition Is Essential For The Development Of Physical And Cognitive Health

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Nutrition Essay Report
“Optimum nutrition is essential for the development of physical and cognitive health in children, infants and adolescents.”

1. Why did Jamie Oliver begin the “Ministry of Food”?

The ministry of food was introduced in 1942 by the British government to advocate eating nutritious food’s during the time of WW2, when there was sparsity of crops and fresh produce, due to the war effort. It also educated people on ways to feed their families healthy food on a budget. However more recently in 2008, Jamie has reintroduced this concept of a “national network of food,” by spreading awareness and reminding people of the influence nourishing food can have on our health, happiness and wellbeing. He believed that in order to maintain a balanced lifestyle, simple knowledge and basic cooking skills is the crucial foundation of preventing obesity and other diet related diseases. Another objective of the “ministry of food” was to prove cooking healthy meals can be quick, easy and beneficial. What the ministry of food ultimately seeks to achieve is instructing people as to the relevant tools and material they need to make wiser choices about their food intake and diet.

2. Do you think it is the government’s responsibility to improve the eating habits of young Australians? Discuss. In your response you should refer to the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Adolescents and include the concept of “normal eating”.

I believe that the government should strongly…
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