Nutrition Is The Vital Part Every Person Life

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Nutrition is the vital part every person life from infant to adulthood to establish good eating habits. It is needed support the rapid growth, reproduction and maintain a healthy. The general nutrition of a person determines how healthy and well their organs and other vital components function. In the U.S, a quarter of American suffer from illness due to the popularity of fast food. People are not supplying their bodies with the necessary vitamins and protein for a healthy lifestyle. If everyone would pause for a minute and consider the type of food they putting in their body and ask them questions such as Do I know where this came? What was the environment like for the animals? What does their diet consist of? Who is the farmer? Yes the…show more content…
When we buy from big corporations such as McDonalds and Burger king, for them to keep he business flowing they need mass production. To supply more than 100 restaurants the major concerns for them to consider the correct health measures for livestock are neglected. The chicken or the cows are fed with cheapest ingredients and then filled with hormones so they can reach their full maturity faster. Right there as a consumer most of our well needed nutrition is lost. The meat is filled with preservatives and extra fillers for taste. At the restaurant, the meat is cooked in lots of oil and even more nutrition is lost. By the time the meat is in a burger as a consumer of fast food what are you really eating. Even the vegetables used in the burger didn’t supply the body with no well needed nutrition. The vegetables basically goes through the same process as thei meat and then stored until it used. When people make the decision to indulge in that is of no good to body because of its lack nutrients, the person tends to feel hungry after eating a full meal. Reason why people tend to over eating because the food is not giving the body no substance. After eating fast food the individual has filled their body with nothing but fats and calories. Fats and calories are difficult to digest in our body, the undigested fats and calories accumulate inside the body causing excess oil in the body. Reason why adolescents may have problem with acne or excessively oily skin. When eating fast
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