Nutrition : Natural Health And Nutrition

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16 March 2015
Mastering Nutrition
Natural health and nutrition is something that is commonly overlooked in today’s American society. Health cannot only change the way a person feels about their body, it can change a person’s outlook on life. Being healthy does not necessarily mean going to the gym, or exercising at all. Something as simple as changing a diet can have a bigger and longer lasting effect on a host of diseases and other conditions. Changing ones diet can even have a greater effect than medication. It is, however, getting progressively more difficult to be a healthy eater because major companies are processing food and adding dangerous and unnecessary chemicals to the product. Moving away from eating fatty and salty convenience and highly processed foods could/will help decrease the possibility of heart and health problems in the future. Nutritional supplements are meant to help an already healthy diet not replace one, but in a generally healthy diet, they might not be needed, in more cases, however, they may be useful in providing more nutrients. To understand the perks of healthy eating, one must have to take a step back and understand the chemicals that are put into processed food and how they affect the body. To fully understand health one must understand nutrition basics, processed chemicals, and common misconceptions.
The foods we eat today are not the same as the foods our ancestors ate. In…
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