Nutrition Politics And Policy ( Food90027 )

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Nutrition Politics and Policy (FOOD90027)
Assignment 1

The Responds of Food Industries towards the Increase of Health Concerns by Reformulation and Reducing the “Bad” Nutrients towards the Products

Over the past decade, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have become the important health issues in the worldwide, especially in developed countries. The recent data shows that the global burden of NCDs caused by overweight and obesity continues to rise in which the mostly attributable factor of such condition is unhealthy dietary intake, such as sugar, salt, and fat. (DATA). Furthermore, some evidence mentioned that the overconsumption of unhealthy nutrients would lead to negative health impacts and the food industries are recognized as a part of those problems (DATA). Crino et al. (2015) argues that the changes in food supply related to the accessibility of highly processed and low-nutrient product provided by food manufactures are the key driver of overweight and obesity occurrence in population.

The majority of prevention efforts focus on personalised approaches targeting individuals. Population-wide food supply interventions addressing sodium and trans fat reduction have proven highly effective and comparable efforts are now required to target obesity. The evidence suggests that strategies focusing upon reducing the energy density and portion size of foods will be more effective than those targeting spe- cific macronutrients. Government leadership, clearly…
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