Nutrition Preference And Its Effect On Diet Preference

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Every living thing has a diet preference, it just depends how wide or narrow those preferences are. Diet preference helps determine the genetic make-up of an organism, “you are what you eat”. The appetite level of an organism can affect diet preference by allowing them to eat something they wouldn’t normally eat. For this same reason, hydration levels of an organism may play a role in diet preference. Understanding diet preference in a species like humans may seem trivial but not for something like a house cricket.
House crickets, Acheta domesticus are thought to be endemic to northwest Africa or southwest Asia (Weismann and Rentz 1977, Ghouri 1961). Currently this species has a near cosmopolitan distribution, and is typically associated with anthropogenic establishments. Females can be easily distinguished from males from their ovipositor, which allows them to lay eggs underground. Crickets are diet generalists and can feed on a variety of plants(revise). Currently there is little research on what effects hydration levels has on diet preference in crickets. If crickets are given a choice between kale and iceberg lettuce, crickets that are more dehydrated will visit iceberg lettuce over kale. Sex may play a factor in this as well. If sex has an effect on number of visits to kale and iceberg then we should see a difference in visits among males and females.
41 crickets, 17 males and 24 females that were obtained from the Petsmart store at El Con
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