Nutrition Science : A Study Of Micronutrients

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Nutrition science rather reductionist science is the study of micronutrients. Various curious nutritionists are conducting research so as to identify the probable nutrient due to which western diet is accused to be the source of chronic diseases. Michael Pollan explores different theories in an effort to resolve the issue. The western lifestyle has made it difficult to avoid intake of processed or industrialized food. The eating habits have significantly changed over the due course of time. Individuals maintaining a western diet are observed to be more prone to chronic disease than those who follow traditional diet. The key to healthy life is to create a filter against processed food, may it be meat or vegetables. A complete change in culture and adaptation of three rules will bring a dynamic change. Michael Pollan reconciles with the carbohydrate hypothesis suggesting the scarcity of omega 3 micronutrients in the western diet is a potential cause of chronic diseases especially in western society. The rise in the number of people suffering from former diseases results in frequent visits to doctors and purchase of medication; it may seem ironic, but the fact remains medical community along with food industry are reaping the benefits of the problem at hand. Instead of medicalizing the western diet issue a change in eating habits was more practical. The ecological and cultural dimensions of the issue are still unexplored. Denis Burkitt,who coined the word western diseases,
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