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Science nutrition assessment 2014 Thomas Johnston Contents Introduction 2 Brief outline of what was researched 2 World rankings for chosen players 3 General nutrition in a golfers diet 3 Nutrition golfers need 4 Adam Scott 4 Rory Mcilroy 5 Jason Day 5 The physical demands golf has on the body 5 Strength requirements 5 Flexibility requirements 6 Muscular endurance 6 Common injuries golfers get 6 #1 Back Pain 6 #2 Golfers Elbow 6 #3 Shoulder Pain 7 #4 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 7 #5 knee pain 7 References 8 Science nutrition assessment Introduction An average game of golf goes for about four and a half hours depending on skill level, length of the course etc. being an athlete in the game of golf can wreak havoc on the body…show more content…
I conducted the research by looking at all of the different websites on golfers diets, in doing this I found many different diets that golfers can use before, during and after a round of 18 holes. Also when the research was being conducted I found some very useful tips on nutrition and fitness to help my golf game. World rankings for chosen players Rory Mcilroy is ranked 1st in the world with a points average of 11.10. Adam Scott is ranked 2nd in the world with a points average of 9.16. Jason Day is ranked 7th in the world with a points average of 6.88. General nutrition in a golfers diet Eating the right foods is essential to help reach your maximum potential. Golf is one of those sports where you need to be willing to do anything to get to where you want to be. All of the professional golfers on the PGA Tour have specific diets to help them reach their maximum potential. This diet can help a professional golfer not only off the course but also on, some of the snacks in a golfer’s diet on the course consist of almonds and fruits but the best thing to keep your energy levels up is turkey jerkey says Robert Yang. Yang is a highly respected nutrition advisor at the Titleist performance institute. Turkey jerkey is high in proteins that fuel the brain and boost your mental focus which is one of the hardest things to master on the golf course. Water is one of the main things a golfer needs in his or her diet to help maintain performance levels and
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