Nutrition Tests Essay

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Todd's Case Study

What is Todd's Body Mass Index (BMI)?


2. According to the BMI chart in Chapter 8 what category does Todd's BMI fall in?


3. Which food item was the highest source of Protein per serving?

1 Cup of Soymilk

4. Which food had the highest source of Carbohydrates?

Whole-wheat Pita

5. Which food provided the best source of fiber? 8 oz. Vegan Chili

6. What advantage is it to have a diet high in soluble fiber?

It helps to lower cholesterol and blood sugar

7. What are the advantages to having a higher amount of vegetables in Todd's diet?

All of these

8. What food did Todd eat that was the best source of Potassium?

1/4 Cup Raisins

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Which of the following is NOT a feature of serving size information on food labels?

Small bags of individually wrapped food items must contain only one serving.

Answer questions 7 - 10 based on food label provided here.

What is the total fat in grams per serving?

1 grams

8. What is considered a serving size? 2 ounces

9. How many calories are in 3 servings? 210 calories

10. The amount of protein in grams for 2 servings?

30 grams

Answer questions 11 - 15 based on food label provided here.

What is the serving size?

2 slices

12. How many grams of fat are in one serving?

.5 grams

13. How many calories are in two servings?


14. What nutrient listed would be considered an excellent source per serving?

Dietary fiber

15. What percentage of calcium is in one serving?


Answer questions 16 - 20 based on food label provided here.

What is considered a serving size?

1/2 cup

17. How many calories per serving?

70 calories

18. What is the percentage of daily values of carbohydrates? 4%

19. What is the percentage of Vitamin A?


20. How many grams of protein are in 2 servings?


21. The list of ingredients on the label is in descending order of predominance by weight?


22. Using the formula provided in the examples below; answer the next 4

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