Nutrition Vs. Profit

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Nutrition v Profit
1. Nutrition
Nutrition is an important component in a person’s health and growth. It also plays an important role in the interaction of nutrients and other substances found in food.
Quick service restaurants (QSR) can create meals on the menu that are nutritional by advertising fast food scare tactics such as informing them about disadvantages of fast foods such as obesity, high blood pressure and increased cholesterol. In this way more customers will want to make informed decisions about their health. Another method in which qsr can create meals on the menu which are nutritional is by calorie labelling on the menu and the menu boards. This will provide customers with easy to understand nutrition information which is direct
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Government influence on QSR industry
What the government should do?
The government should address the people about their health and how nutritional food can help with the risk of getting heart failure. The government should promote healthy food, and the government should advertise that eating healthy food can save lots of money because tax is expensive when coming to fatty food.
Government should have workshops where they can teach the society about the disadvantages of fatty food, and teach them about nutritional food and living a healthy lifestyle. Government should warn the people about being obese or overweight at a young age to your youth, so its best that parents teach their children a healthy lifestyle while growing up. Government should do more advertising about healthy food and telling people how your body needs healthy food.
Government can assist with the prices of nutritional food, because people say they buy junk food because nutritional food is too expensive. There should be more posters of a healthy lifestyle at schools, hospitals and garages. Which will make people second guess what they’ve been eating
Government should find more people to plant nutritional food, which will create jobs and that will decrease the unemployment rate. This includes having a corporate social
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