Nutrition and College Students Essay

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All college students have heard of the dreaded “freshman fifteen.” The majority of students see it as inevitability. This college curse is caused by a drastic change in lifestyle and eating habits. College students are more likely to eat unhealthy food and less likely to exercise. However, steps can be taken to avoid needless weight gain. Despite the hectic lifestyles of teens, they know that a balance of exercise and good nutrition is the key to health.

An important factor in having a healthy teenage life is knowing what to limit. According to the Diet and Nutrition Sourcebook, teens should limit junk food, spare the sugar and salt, and shouldn’t drink alcohol. There are many other nutritious snacks that teens can eat instead of
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The Diet and Nutrition Sourcebook says that teens should eat a variety of foods (Harris 112). Dieticians recommend that less than 30% of calories come from fat and less than 10% should come from saturated fat. It is important to eat plenty of fiber-rich foods because this helps to prevent many diseases such as heart disease and a risk of cancer that can occur later in life (Harris, Diet 114). Another vital thing a teen needs is calcium which comes from milk and dairy products and is important to teens because they are still growing and need to have strong bones. Sufficient calcium will benefit their health in later years by helping to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. According to Harris, teenage males get 52% calcium and teenage females get 19% calcium. Teens also should eat food that contains iron. Teenage males are recommended to get 12 milligrams and teenage females are recommended to get 15 milligrams a day. There are many new healthy products that the stores are coming out with today that are beneficial (Calioglu). They contain low-fat, fat-free, no sodium, and rich-in-fiber ingredients. These are sometimes just as good tasting as the original “not-so-healthy products.” For example, it would be healthier to eat a bag of the “Wow Doritos” because it has one-third fewer calories than the Regular Flavored Tortilla Chips and it has only one and a half grams of fat per serving. There are many
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