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Final Exam - Attempt 1 Top of Form Question1 Marks: 1 A goiter occurs as a result of deficiency of: Choose one answer. a. magnesium b. iodine c. selenium d. chromium Question2 Marks: 1 Ingredients on a food label are listed in descending order by volume. Answer: TrueFalse Question3 Marks: 1 The energy that we use to digest food and to absorb, metabolize, and store the nutrients from food is called diet-induced thermogenesis. Answer: TrueFalse Question4 Marks: 1 Which group in the U.S. population is at risk for undernutrition? Choose one answer. a. homeless people b. children c. women d. all of the above Question5 Marks: 1 All of the following foods contain cholesterol except:…show more content…
Choose one answer. a. it is the main component of starch and glycogen b. it is also called blood sugar c. it is the most common disaccharide in our diet d. it is the most important carbohydrate fuel for the human body Question26 Marks: 1 The most common eating disorder is: Choose one answer. a. Anorexia nervosa b. Bulimia nervosa c. Binge-eating disorder d. Eating disorders not otherwise specified Question27 Marks: 1 Discretionary calories come from: Choose one answer. a. Alcohol and added sugars b. Added sugars and solid fats c. Alcohol and solid fats d. Alcohol and added sugars and solid fats Question28 Marks: 1 William has a BMI of 26.5 kg/m2. He would therefore be classified as: Choose one answer. a. Underweight b. Normal weight c. Overweight d. Obese Question29 Marks: 1 Uncontrolled diabetes can cause damage to the heart, but does not cause damage to the kidneys or blood vessels. Answer: TrueFalse Question30 Marks: 1 Being obese as a child increases the child’s risk for type 2 diabetes. Answer: TrueFalse Question31 Marks: 1 An overweight child is more likely to become overweight as an adult in comparison with a child who is not overweight. Answer: TrueFalse Question32 Marks: 1 Intake of fish, nuts, and whole grains ________ heart disease risk. Choose

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