Nutrition and Good Food Taste

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Purpose: To introduce the 4th type of diet the so called Omnomnomnivore and encourage the audience to be health conscious.



Before I start let me ask you a question? Are you hungry? Are you full? Are you starving or just craving for a food? … Anyway I don’t have food here, I’m here to give you what Omnomnomnivore is all about?
When you heard the word Omnomnomnivore, it is sound familiar with the dinosaurs and sounds you make produce when you are eating of your favorite food, saying “nom,nom” ,yummy!
We know that there are many dinosaurs of different types, different size, lived at different times and places, and ate different things. Although the dinosaurs have been extinct for many millions of years and
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The obesity now is one of our problem in the World. According to 2007 statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), New Zealand has the second-highest prevalence of overweight adults in the Anglosphere attaining of 68.4% ,lower than the USA(came first) of 5.7% among them are Australia, Unite Kingdom, Canada and Ireland. In the Ministry of Health in New Zealand statistic survey result 2008 and 2009 Adult Nutrition survey found that “one in four adults (ages 15 years and over) were obese reaching of 27.8% of the population”. While in survey in children “ One in twelve children (aged 2-14 years) were of obese accumulating of 8.3%. Showing that statistics I may conclude that we might be in the stage of obesity now, and in the future extinction of us may follows, like what happen to the dinosaur. Otherwise we should be very vigilant on our HEALTH. Be conscious on.So..
Is there Omnomnomnivore out there? Or is someone here that mutate as Omnomnomnivore? Are you included in Omnomnomnivore diet? Better STOP and watch Your Health now before you become instinct like
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