Nutrition at School is Important Essay

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Junk food, junk food, junk food is around all corners of schools. Chocolate, cookies, soda, potato chips, and Sour Strings may sound delectable to some people, but are they nutritious? Some people wonder if there should be a change. Encouraging exceptional nutrition in schools is essential by reasons of students will consume foods that are better for them, schools will pay less for meals, and fewer students would go hungry.
Better nutrition in schools is critical being students will eat food that is better for them. Research shows students that eat school meals are more likely to obtain a healthier weight than students that bring a lunch if the school abide National School lunch program (NSLP). This shows that school lunch is healthier by showing students who eat school lunch tend to be at a healthier weight if the school is following the school meal program. The facts are that nutrition is need for all life. School lunch have to serve crucial nutrients and be in age appropriate serving sizes as designed by nutrition professionals (Haugen). Nourishment is important to serve and that shows schools are required to have essential nutrients in food if following this schools meal program. If the school follows NSLP guidelines the students who consume the lunch benefit from more vegetable, milk and milk products, and meat than those students who do not (Haugen). Statistics show schools that follow a school lunch program eats healthier.
Encouraging better nutrition is important in…