Nutrition in Elderly People

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Nutrition in Elderly People Nutrition in elderly people is most often compromised as compared to that of the younger generation. This is because the older folks are faced with multiple, recurrent diseases, which affect their immune systems in several ways, one of them being the over usage of medication which suppress the immune system (Alberti KG, 2005). Under-nutrition is exceedingly a common condition among the elderly, and therefore, people are not aware that many of them also suffer from overweight and obesity. The aging process is not the cause of malnutrition but people have formed an opinion that there is a relation between malnutrition and the aging process. They forget that under-nutrition in the elderly is as a result of the following common risk factor such as; social isolation, stroke, housebound, gait and balance disorder, swallowing disorder, Parkinson's disease, adverse drug reactions, chronic pain, fractured hip, depression and recent hospitalization (Escott-Stump, 2008). Therefore, all these risk factors must be taken into consideration especially when managing an elderly person's nutrition. Nutrition in the elderly has become a common problem due to the scenarios where doctors pay little or no attention to the nutritional status of the elderly person hence leading to a high number of nutrition related cases among the elderly than other age groups. Medical practitioners are used to the normal classification of underweight the greatest nutritional

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