Nutritional Assessment Of Food Intake

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Abstract: The aim of this practical work is to check the usual food intake during a weekday and weekend. Total nutrient intake distributions and supplement consumption were informed. A group of individuals selected between 22-37 years of age including both genders, and food diary and 24hr recall method is used to measure the nutritional intake. Results obtained using SSPS software a statistical significant difference (P value 0.05) seen between weekend and weekday. Introduction: The dietary analysis is a valuable tool to find what people eat, and how much they eat (Millward, DJ and Jackson, A A. 2003). Nutritional assessment is a comprehensive evaluation to assess food consumption at a national level, household level and an individual level. This type of technique ranges from food records to questionnaire and biological markers. Assessment of both the measure and quality of nutrient intake is a part of assessing the adequacy of a human diet. The goal is to avoid dietary deficiency in children, pregnant and lactating women, which helps in planning national food strategies, especially in the food crisis, and as a research purpose to assess the effect on the nutrition education program by ensuring that the intake meets or exceeds the need within the body, hence by ensuring equality between measures of such needs and consumption. Energy and other macro and micronutrients, including fibre are required in correct proportion to the body to work efficiently, as specific
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