Nutritional Foods Inc: Case Study

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Introduction From time to time, corporate executives encounter ethical dilemmas that seem rather challenging. In this text, I concern myself with an ethical dilemma faced by the top leadership of Nutritional Foods Inc. In so doing, I will amongst other things explain (in detail) the actions I would take were I to find myself in a similar scenario. I will also explain not only the reasoning behind my actions, but also the results I would be expecting. Case Scenario: Brief Overview Nutritional Foods Inc., a company that manufactures healthful products, has a major problem to address. Some of the company's products are allegedly responsible for a number of acute food poisoning cases. The problem has escalated from just a few cases of food poisoning to dozens of other reported cases. The company's chief executive, Fred James, has convened an emergency meeting comprising of members of the Crisis Action Committee. The key agenda of the meeting is how the situation that is threatening to get out of hand should be handled. Discussion From the onset, it is important to note that James and his vice president for production, John Healy, could have possibly prevented the scenario from escalating into a fully blown crisis by addressing the issue early enough. In my opinion, the company's top leadership should have acted during the second stage of the scenario, i.e. after concern deepened. The company's topmost executives instead chose to adopt the 'wait and see' stance.
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