Nutritional Requirements And Dietary Intake

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This essay will discuss, assess and evaluate the different nutritional requirements and dietary intake of two individuals, myself (female, age 18) and a client (male, age 21). Frist this essay will discuss the similarities and differences of me and the client’s nutritional and energy requirements as individuals. The similarities between me and the client for are nutritional needs, is that we both require the same amount of vitamins and minerals a day. (1) For example an average adult requires about 2 litres. This is because we lose water from within are bodies by sweating or urine, so we have to make up from that loss by consuming water (1). This also mean we both have to consume are five a day, to gain are vitamins like oranges, potatoes and broccoli give us vitamin C, (2) in which an adult need about 40mg. The only reason we need vitamin C in are diets is because our bodies don’t store it. Therefore, we need to consume it every day. However, we both should not consume more than 1000 mg a day as it can be harmful for the body and cause diarrhoea (2). Furthermore, all though we are supposed to consume at least 2liters of water a day when comparing mine and my clients dietary programme none of us have an intake of water during a daily basis. (3) Calcium is needed in both of our diets this is because calcium helps us with regulating are contracting muscles, especially are hearts. It also helps to regulate are blood clots and keep them normal. We gain calcium in are diets
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