Nutritional Status, Food Consumption, and Physical Activity Among Chilean School Children: A Descriptive Study

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Account of An Experience When Allocated With The School Nurse And Use Of A Model For Structured Reflection
Child obesity rates are high throughout many parts of the world and there are various reasons held to be the reason that child obesity rates are so high. This study will first examine the literature on child obesity followed by the review of a model for structured reflection. Finally, this work will apply the information reviewed in the literature to the experiences of the writer of this work as a school nurse.
I. Literature Review
A study published in the work of Olivares, et al (nd) and entitled "Nutritional Status, Food Consumption and Physical Activity Among Chilean School Children: A Descriptive Study" reports the objective of assessing the nutritional status, food consumption and physical activity (PA) habits of Chilean school children, as a baseline for developing an educational intervention. The study reported was a cross-sectional study and involved a total of 1701 children from 3rd to 7th grade in nine schools located in three geographical regions. The study reported having determined the body mass index, food consumption (quantified FFQ which were categorized into five groups, PA in terms of TV viewing and frequency of after school PA. The data is reported to have been analyzed by age, nutritional status and gender and a logistic regression analysis performed using obesity as an outcome. Obesity was found to be higher "among boys, younger…
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