Nutritional Value And Success Of Ferrero's Company

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PART 2- Social sustainability I- Promote nutritional balance through a healthy lifestyle The Ferrero’s Company really wants to point out the nutritional importance of their products and be mindful to respect and to transmit a responsible consumption. In this way, they act for the creation of high quality products. The nutritional value and the portion are defined to integrate a healthy and balanced diet, especially made for families and children. Moreover, Ferrero commits to: ➢ Do the studies and researches to guarantee the freshness and quality of their products. ➢ Clearly indicate the nutritional amount with some dietary associations. ➢ Promote a healthy lifestyle through several researches projects as well as formation and presentation…show more content…
4- The promotion of the physical activity Ferrero broadcasts the necessity to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It would depends on three factors: healthy diet uses, a balanced diet and to practice regularly a physical activity. In this way, the Company cooperates with different associations as: some International Sports Federations, some Institutions, some Diet Industry Associations and some Non Governmental Associations, to keep going on raise awareness among the population, especially adolescents and children, to practice sport in a healthy lifestyle. The Group coordinates its actions with the goals fixed by “The European Platform in diet, physical activity and health” as well as the principles defined by the “Charter on brands for health and well-being”. “Kinder + Sport” This project has been launched by Ferrero to promote their usual motto to have a healthy lifestyle and to encourage the daily sport practice, especially for adolescent and children. This program organise sports championships, to support the sports associations and school. Ferrero really wants to implicate the adults and the families in the process of a healthy lifestyle for everybody but especially for children and adolescents. They want them to realize that sport is important for health and it is a good combination with a good

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