Nutritionally Balanced Diet Analysis

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A nutritionally balanced diet helped the body reach its full potential by supplying energy, fueling muscular activity and growth, repairing tissues, and maintaining other importance functions (1). However, our lifestyle and living situation has a profound impact on what foods I choose to consume and how much I consume as well as my ability to improve the nutritional quality of my quality and sustain these modification over time. As a student with limited access to transportation, I rely on the dining halls for convenient meals and snacks between classes. These dining halls typically have few healthy options besides the standard salad. Likewise, they tend to serve foods with high sodium and fat content like pizza and hamburgers. While I can choose a salad over a slice of pizza during dinner at one of the larger dining halls on North Campus like North Star or RPCC, my choices become limited at lunch time when I am on Central Campus.…show more content…
Since I do not have a car and limited time on the weekends to use the public transportation system, I cannot prepare my meals so I would have to buy them at the campus eateries. Similarly, I live in a dorm with only 1 kitchen for almost 25 students so that limits my resources for cooking. While time constraints have it less feasible to modify and sustain my diet, there are factors that help the transition easier. For example, the larger campus dining halls are buffet style so there is no price difference between different food items. Therefore, I do not have to worry about money when I am trying to modify my diet. Overall, I think it would easy to modify my diet but it would be difficult to sustain because time constraints especially in the afternoon makes it hard not to pick a quick and easy option like a slice of
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