Nutritive Infusion Company Description And Swot Analysis

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Assignment 1: Nutritive Infusion Company Description and SWOT Analysis Company Description Nutritive Infusion is a Florida-based healthy beverage company that strives to provide people with the nutrients they lack in their diets. Founded in 2010, the company established itself in West Palm Beach, Florida. For the past seven years, Nutritive Infusion sold beverages at county fairs in the surrounding areas. The drinks offered are all natural and infused with vitamins and are intended to supplement one’s diet to reinforce needed nutrients. Company Mission Mission Statement. Nutritive Infusion strives to be a target for people seeking to animate their lives with a beverage that promotes health, cares about the community, and nurtures the…show more content…
The flavored and functional water is expected to rapidly expand from a market worth of $23.8 billion in 2015 to $36.7 billion in the year 2019 (Transparency Market Research, 2016). The growing health concerns have catapulted interest for healthier beverages. Changes in lifestyles have altered people 's perspective about traditional carbonated soft drinks, and this trend has opened an opportunity for healthier alternatives. Expected to spend over $200 billion in the year 2017, Millennials have a significant purchasing power (PR Newswire, 2017). By putting credence on healthier purchases, beverage companies have opportunities to make products for consumers that play a role in their diets. Strategic Position Nutritive Infusion plans to position itself within the non-alcoholic beverage industry by fulfilling the needs of people who desire to lead healthy lives. There is a heightened recognition of the benefits, both short-term and long-term, of a healthy lifestyle. These include a prolonged life, minimize the risk of diseases, boost energy, and improve mood (Healthline, 2016). Our product addresses the lack of nutrients people gets with their diets. Under the changing views on how people live their lives, Nutritive Infusion will be targeting people within the ages of 18 and 30 because of their willingness to seek out products that are beneficial to their bodies. They are consistently

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