Nuts And Bolts Chapter 1 Analysis

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Chapter one from the book Nuts and Bolts talks about writing concisely. Writing concisely means to write while using as few words as possible while still being able to get our point across. Reading this chapter made me realize that when reading a less concise paragraph,the writing began to bore me. People always say less is more, and in this instance I think it's right. Writing a simple sentence is better than writing a wordy one. It's all about getting a message across and it's easier for someone to understand if we shorten our sentences and trim the fat.

Chapter two from the book Nuts and bolts talks about clarity. Clarity is important when writing, because we write for a reason. We may have a message or a story to tell. Having clarity goes hand in hand with writing concisely. It can be much easier to …show more content…

When you begin to write it is best to start with a process. Planning, drafting, and developing are very important steps when writing. Once someone had decided on a topic to write about they need to make sure they understand what audience they are writing for. Doing so will make it easier to get into the minds of the people who will be reading the paper. This helps with deciding how the paper should be written. The next step would be to write a rough draft. This will be the basis of the paper. I find that writing a rough draft helps me get the main points across before I begin to lose my train of thought. I also find that it's a lot easier to write a rough draft if I have a list of ideas already written down that I will want to discuss. After finishing the rough draft, revising is the last step.This is when you rewrite or revise paragraphs, sentences, main points, and even your thesis. When writing I tend to write down everything I am thinking of, then I go back and rearrange or edit if something doesn't

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