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Task B Your work role * Bi – Describe the terms and condition of your employment as set out in your contract of employment or employment agreement.
JOB DESCRIPTION AND STATEMENT OF WHAT EMPLOYER’S EXPECT ON THEIR STAFF. MUST BE READ BY THE STAFF AND FOLLOW THE POLICY AND PROCEDURE OF THE HOME. TO ATTEND ALL THE TRAININGS NECCESSARY FOR THE JOB * Bii – Describe the information which needs to be shown on your pay slip/statement TAXCODE, JOB TITLE, EMPLOYEES NAME, EMPLOYER’S NAME, DATE * Biii – Identify two changes to personal information which you must report to your employer
ADDRESS – To know where to find me in case of emergency
CONTACT NUMBER – so the employer can get in touch with the employee * Biv – Describe the
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Jonathan, A professional nurse, is a father of an 18-month daughter, was sentenced to jail for 18 months for the act he has done.
It was the daughter of the patient who hid a video camera in her mother’s room to monitor all the acts that happens inside the room due a suspicion of her mother having too many bruises in her body.
The video gone viral to the public and internet, though it was said to be a controversial issue because the care home or most of the care homes don’t allow any camera recorder to be put on the facility without their consent as it may affect the privacy and confidentially of the care home.
On the video, the nurse was caught slapping the patient 4 times in the abdomen, pushing and pulling the patient recklessly, and then slapping the resident in her face to finish the work.
His actions were unexplainable to the relatives of the patient and unacceptable in care industry as this controversy raised issues and concerns about the care/nursing homes on how they treat the residents and this only put doubts and worries on the patient’s relatives about the work being done in a care/nursing home.
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