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Unit 81 Support Individuals at the End of Life
1 Understand the requirements of legislation and agreed ways of working to protect the rights of individuals at the end of life. 1.1 Outline legal requirements and agreed ways of working designed to protect the rights of individuals in end of life care.
Caring for patients at the end of life is a challenging task that requires not only the consideration of the patient as a whole but also an understanding of the family, social, legal, economic, and institutional circumstances that surround patient care.
A legal requirement of end of life care is that the wishes of the individual, including whether CPR should be attempted, as well as their wishes how they are cared for after death are
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Sometimes the person returns to a previous stage. Death is emotional and it is natural to experience emotions. It would also have a psychological affect on an individual as knowing you’re going to die may be frightening. 2.4 Explain how beliefs, religion and culture of individuals and key people may influence end of life care
Depending on the individual’s background and religious beliefs, they may wish to be cared for in a specific way, for example CK is Sikh, and therefore her religious beliefs forbid CPR. Her wish is to stay at home and be nursed. After her death she will be treated to a traditional Sikh funeral. The key people in her life are her family who are also Sikh, therefore their beliefs and wishes are the same.

2.3 Explain why key people may have a definitive role in an individual’s end of life care.
Depending on a person’s physical and mental state, will depend on whether they are able to complete their end of life care planning. If an individual is unable to plan their end of life care then key people like next of kin, friends or social worker will plan their end of life care, using background information about the individual, trying at best to keep to their religious beliefs and wishes. 2.4 Explain why support for an individual health and wellbeing may not always relate to their terminal condition
Every individual at some point needs support. For example: an individual has terminal cancer, she also has a hearing

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