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Unit 302. 1.1 Summarise entitlement and provision for early years. In 2006 all 3/4 year olds were entitled to up to 12.5 hours a week during term time free early years education. This was increased to 15 hours a week in September 2011. There are free pre-schools which are run by the local authorities that children can attend for 3 hours a day once they have turned 3 or if children are already in a day nursery then they will have 15 hours a week deducted off their bill the term after the child turns 3. The day nursery has to follow the strict guidelines set out by Every Child Matters and Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum as do the local authority pre-schools. The main aim for the early years settings is for children to learn…show more content…
They will make changes to school policies that they see necessary and they will update parents via letter or email of any relevant changes. B) Senior management team The senior management team is usually made up of the Head teacher, Deputy head, Head of year/Head of upper/lower school. These teachers will meet regularly to discuss any issues with students/curriculum that they have encountered. They can advise how they may have adapted lesson that had a positive outcome. C) Other statutory Roles These roles are made up of the SENCO and the Foundation Stage Management. SENCO Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. These look into what support and resources children and young people with special educational needs need whilst at the school. They will meet with various outside school practitioners like speech and language therapists and physiotherapists. They also keep the parents informed of everything that is being done for their child and get any consent for any treatment/therapist/outing the child may need. They also set out Provision maps (formally known as IEPs - Individual Educations Plans) with help from the class teacher and if available one to one TA. The Provision plan sets out what intervention group/individual activity the child will be involved in for the coming term and what the outcome of doing this should be. The child will also be asked to sign

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