Nvq 4 Health and Social Care Unit 48 Project on Management Essay

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NVQ Level 4
Unit 48
Project on Management

Management styles are characteristic ways of making decisions and relating to subordinates. This idea was further developed by Robert Tannenbaum and Warren H. Schmidt (1958, 1973), who argued that the style of leadership is dependent upon the prevailing circumstance; therefore leaders should exercise a range of management styles and should deploy them as appropriate.

Management skills can be learned and developed. Management skills involve the importance of reflecting and adapting your practice. Sometimes the most difficult person to manage may be yourself. Learning to understand yourself as a manager can help you become a reflective person who is capable of adapting and improving their
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As a manager you need to understand your personal competence and social competence in order to understand better the members of the team you are working with. There are different types of motivational drive and the theory behind motivation suggests that the link between motivation and performance is usually a positive one.

Motivational drives | Achievement | When accomplishment is important, the need to finish a task well | Affiliation | Social interests are important, loyalty to the organisation and team. | Competence | A person has a drive to be good at what they do | Power | If a person is motivated by an interest in changing things and influencing others. |

Managing People

This forms a key part of management in Social care. There are many theories of understanding people that can be useful to a manager. As a manager it is important to know your limitations and boundaries.

All managers are different and manage in different ways, some are effective in promoting the best, others may not be as efficient.

Leadership style is a combination of the natural qualities and manner in which a person carries out their role as a manager, along with the way they have consciously decided to perform this role. Leadership can be described as the balance between the supporting and directing team members. The key to success is knowing how to use management skills to best effect with individuals.

Some common

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