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Physical Abuse
What is physical abuse?
Physical abuse is any abuse involving the use of force, this can be:
Punching, hitting, slapping, pinching, kicking, in fact any form of physical attack
Burning or scalding
Restraint such as tying up or tying people to beds or furniture
Refusal to allow access to toilet facilities
Deliberate starvation or force feeding
Leaving the individuals in wet or soiled clothing or bedding as a deliberate act to demonstrate power and strength of the abuser
Excessive or inappropriate use of medication
A carer causing illness or injury to someone he or she cares for in order to gain attention

Signs and symptoms associated with Physical abuse
Pepper pot bruising-small bruises, usually on
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Signs and symptoms associated with financial abuse

Becoming withdrawn or anxious.
Sleeping problems.
Change in eating habits.
No longer laughing or joking.
Feeling depressed or hopeless.
Missing cash or belongings, or bank accounts with unexplained withdrawals.
Missing bank account records.
Sudden change in attitude to financial matters.

Institutional abuse
What is Institutional Abuse?
Institutional abuse is a type of systematic and organised abuse that mostly goes on in residential and hospital settings However, individuals can be abused in many other ways in settings where they could expect to be cared for and protected. For example:
Individuals in residential settings are not given choice over day-to-day decisions such as mealtimes, bedtimes,
Freedom to go out is limited by the institutional
Privacy and dignity are not respected
Personal correspondence is opened by staff
The setting is run for the convenience of staff, and not service users
Excessive or inappropriate doses of sedation/medication are given
Access to advice and advocacy is restricted or not allowed
Complaints procedures are deliberately made unavailable.

“Do you what
Me?” “Just reach for me”
“You can’t
Reach” “tough luck then I will just sit here”

Signs and symptoms associated with Institutional abuse

Becoming withdrawn or anxious.
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