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Unit 540 Lead positive behavioural support | Positive behaviour support (PBS) is an approach to providing services to individuals who exhibit challenging behaviour. Since the early 1990s, PBS has received increasing attention from the behaviour-analytic community. Some behaviour analysts have embraced this approach, but others have voiced questions and concerns. Over the past dozen years, an approach to delivery of behavioral services known as positive behavior support has emerged as a highly visible movement. Although PBS has been substantially influenced by applied behavior analysis, other factors are also part of its…show more content…
Of course there will be important conflicts of interest between service users and their carers which will need to be faced up to at an individual level. But services should not be provided by exploiting the personal commitment and dedication of carers. Families who care for individuals whose behaviour presents challenges are subject to considerable and continual stress, both physical and psychological. Although staffs is not permanently on duty as family carers can be, they are still subject to the same stresses when supporting people whose behaviour challenges. This is true even in settings which aim to do no more than contain people. Similar concerns apply to staff as to carers. The higher aspirations often found in progressive services impose extra strain on staff and here too it is important to balance the demands of working constructively with people who can be very difficult, day in and day out, with the needs of individual staff for emotional and practical respite and ongoing support. Demographic changes and rising expectations will

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