Nvq Level 2 Health and Social Care Essay

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201 Introduction to communication in Health and Social care Outcome 1 1. Identify reasons why people communicate. A. People communicate in order to express themselves; their needs, wants, ideas, likes and dislikes etc. People also communicate for social reasons; talking to friends/family, or to express emotions such as anger, pain, frustration, happiness excitement etc. Communication is used to pass informtion on to other parties, so knowladge of a subject/person can be improved and built upon. Communication can also be used to describe something/somewhere to a person without them expreiencing it first hand. Communication is the cornerstone of how people live, it is adapted and manipulated for all to understand.…show more content…
To communicate effectivley all of this must be taken into account. If communication needs are not taken into account, problems will begin to arise such as distress to the client, anger/frustrating leading to possible violence and the client not recieving adequate care. 3. Explain why it is important to observe an individuals reactions when communicating with them. A. It is important to observe an indviduals reactions when communicating to gauge how people are feeling in the situation. Some people may have barriers when it comes to communicating such as personal space issues. It is imperitive to make the client feel as comfortable as possible when communicating, if the person looks to be feeling uncomfortable with how you are communicating they may not be taking in the information you are giving them putting them at potential risk or if it is the client that is giving the information they may be holding something back again putting them at risk. Outcome 2 There are no questions Outcome 3 1. Identify barriers to communication A. There are many potential barriers to communication such as language barriers, it can be hard to communicate with someone who does not understand your language or vice versa. Also cultural differences may be a problem as different communication aids such as touching, eye contact, or tone, which may be acceptable in one culture may not be
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