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UNIT 1 LEVEL 2 Introduction to Communicate in Health, Social care or children’s and young people’s settings 1. Give three reasons why people want to communicate. 1. People may want to communicate to express their wants or needs. 2. People may want to communicate to share their ideas or to teach others for example if i were taking a new carer out shadowing I would want to communicate effectively so i know I have done my best to let them know what and how to do the job. 3. People may want to communicate to express their feelings as it is not always possible to tell from facial expressions or body language. 2. Why is it important to ensure you communicate effectively? It is important to communicate effectively to…show more content…
The OK hand gesture that we us in England is also considered offensive in countries like Latin America and France. The thumb up hand sigh is considered rude in many Asian and Islamic countries. In most westernised countries nose picking is considered vulgar. However in many Asian countries such as china nose picking in public is perfectly expectable behaviour and it is most common in older generations younger generations tend to be more westernised and most do not pick their nose in public. 6. Explain the term confidentiality. Confidentiality means not sharing information about people without their knowledge and agreement, and ensuring that written and electronic information cannot be accessed or read by people who have no reason to see it. Confidentiality is important because: Clients may not trust a career who does not keep information confidential. Clients may not feel valued or able to keep their self-esteem if their private details are shared with others. Client’s safety may be put at risk if details of their property and habits are shared publicly. 7. Describe a situation where information normally considered to be confidential might need to be passed on. Sometimes confidential information disclosed by a client may need to be passed on to others. This may be if there is a risk of

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