Nvq Level 3 Business Admin Unit 322 Plan and Organise Meetings

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Unit 322 – Managing and Organising Meetings When I plan and organise a meeting I have to ensure everything is taken into consideration in order to help guarantee the meeting runs smoothly and everything is as the Councillors and officers expect it to be. First on the list is to ensure a room has been booked and if it hasn’t to book a room for the appropriate time and ensure there is sufficient parking available for the Councillors and any external officers. I do this by calling Mouchel and booking sufficient spaces to comply with the amount of people it is needed for. This information is then sent over to our receptionists to put out a sign in the morning of the meeting to hold the spaces for the time required and this acts as a sign…show more content…
For example, Katrina and I were organising a meeting at the Judges Lodging’s for a Value for Money Committee and we needed to take a laptop and projector. I obtained these from Room 3 in County Offices where I spoke to Jim Blay to sign out the required equipment. If I was to ever need speakers they are allocated within my office in a filing cabinet. When a County Council meeting is held in the Council Chamber audio is used and controlled manually. This helps the broadcast to be recorded effectively and for the public to be aware of who is talking at one point. Audio is not normally required in other meetings and committees. Tea and coffee is provided for all meetings. Some Committee rooms have a coffee machine already in place but if there isn’t we contact the Newland restaurant which is provided by Mouchel to bring flasks of tea and coffee for the members of the committee. The Councillors also have access to hot drinks and water from the member’s area close to the committee rooms and council Chamber. Health and Safety and special requirements need to be checked to ensure we have anything that someone attending the meeting will require. For example, we now have at the County offices better accessibility for disabled and wheelchair users, i.e. ramps, lifts and stair lifts. When planning a meeting we need to make sure we have any loop

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