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Understand That Individuals with Dementia May Communicate In Different Ways CT244.1 1.1 Explain how individuals with dementia may communicate through their behaviour: Individuals with dementia find it difficult to understand words and meanings and forget what is being said even while we are speaking. Communication is more difficult if they are tired or upset. You may find they repeat questions frequently as they cannot remember asking them. When talking to an individual who has any form of dementia ensure that you speak clearly and face the individual. Make sure there are no distracting sounds. Maintain eye contact and remain calm and pleasant. Use simple sentences and words always giving the individual time to understand.…show more content…
2.2 Explain how positive interactions with individuals who have dementia can contribute to their wellbeing: Ensure inclusion in conversations, do not ignore them, avoid things that upset them and try to remain calm if they become upset and feel rejected. Make them feel valued, reduce any stress and confusion. Do not use bossy language , treat them like children or not being clear in what you are saying. Speak slowly do not use jargon and do not shout. 2.3 Explain the importance of involving individuals with dementia in a range of activities: As a person’s dementia develops it is likely to have some impact on their abilities but there will still be lots that the person can enjoy doing alone and with others. Maintaining existing skills as far as possible can give the person pleasure and boost their confidence. For this reason it is important to help them find activities that they enjoy doing and to continue to adapt them to meet their changing interests and needs throughout illness. Not everyone enjoys doing group activities but may enjoy a simple walk, listen to the radio even to polish a pair of shoes or look after a pet. Involving family, friends and carers is always good as this will also keep them occupied and stimulated. Remaining physically and mentally active can have a significant impact on their wellbeing. Exercise such as

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