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Unit 31 – Understand why effective communication is important in the work setting
1 – Understand why effective communication is important in the work setting. 1.1 – Identify the different reasons people communicate
People communicate for a number of reasons, for example, to express emotions (i.e. sadness, happiness and anger), pain, personal opinions, to relay information with regards to an individual’s health, personal preferences such as religion, sexual or culture and also to obtain knowledge or information on any given subject; communication can also be viewed as a learning experience. Communication can be informal or formal depending on the circumstances. For example; formal communication would occur in professional settings,
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Poor communication creates a poor work environment which can lead to a number of issues such as anxiety within yourself if information has not been passed onto you in the correct way which will affect your performance in the workplace. Not only will make you feel anxious but it will cause your colleagues and service users to feel anxious because they will feel unsafe and uncomfortable around you. Alienation and isolation could also be the result of poor communication therefore it is essential that working in a team and with vulnerable people under your care, communication must be clear and personal issues must not come between effective communication.
It is important to remember effective communication is a two way process and the person communicating has to send a clear and concise message with the upmost respect to the responding party whether it be a colleague or a service user. Make sure the message is understood correctly by observing the body language or ask the individual to clarify what you have just asked them to do or if they have understood what you have said to them. It is essential for us as carers to allow ourselves to listen to others who are trying to communicate with us. This will help build a strong and trusting relationship which will improve communication because when both parties develop trust it will make communication easier to establish.
Communications between individuals is known as an interaction and as you spend time communicating with

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