Essay on Nvq Level 3 Health and Social Care

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UNIT 4222-371 UNDERSTAND THE FACTORS THAT CAN AFFEST INTERACTIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS OF INDIVIDUALS WITH DEMENTIA. OUTCOME 1. Dementia is a progressive illness that usually occurs over a period of time one of the earliest signs of dementia is problems with a persons memory, this can result in the individual behaving and communicating differently . Because there are so many different types of dementia the signs and symptoms of these can vary widely, because of this the communicating abilities of the individual will vary greatly each form of dementia will have certain symptoms that may be relevant to that disease but some symptoms may be present in more than one form of dementia.# ALZEIMERS DIEASE This is the most common…show more content…
3. If an individual that has dementia and also has a sensory impairment it is important for care providers to assess the communication abilities of that person and to support different methods that the person may have when they are trying to communicate with you for instance a person that wears a hearing aid may have forgotten or have been unable to turn it on because of there dementia by simply having a quick check hat it is fitted correctly and is turned on you have aided the person in being able to communicate better there are many other items that may also be beneficial to an individual with sensory loss, flash cards with simple instructions words and picture on may be good if a person is having difficulty expressing what they need, sign language may also be good for those with hearing impairments. Individuals that wear glasses should ensure that there prescription is correct and there glasses are clean and free from any marks, care providers can
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