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Implement the Positive Behavioural Support Model 1.1 Explain how Positive Behavioural Support has been influenced by: • Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) • Social Role Valorisation (SRV) ABA is a scientific process of examining what causes and maintains behaviour, in order to bring about positive change. SRV promotes valued social roles for individuals who are socially disadvantaged, to help them get some of the good things in life. 1.2 Summarise current legislation and policy guidance relating to Positive Behavioural Support The current legislation relating to Positive Behavioural Support is titled - the Positive Behaviour Support Policy – Safe management of challenging behaviour in children and young people with learning…show more content…
Challenging behaviour can often be viewed as a ‘behavioural equivalent’ of a mental health problem. However, research evidence indicates that challenging behaviours and mental health problems are relatively independent conditions. 2.3 Analyse key factors that lead to a behaviour being defined as challenging Factors that lead to behaviour being defined as challenging may include: * Culture * competence and capacity of settings * social norms * frequency, intensity and duration of the behaviour * ability to communicate effectively 3.1 Summarise key environmental risk factors for challenging behaviours Environmental risk factors will include features that are physical or social, such as: * Uncomfortable levels of stimulation (eg too busy, boring) * Institutional-style setting (eg block treatment, rigid routines) * Poor service organisation (eg. inexperienced carers) * Inappropriate social environment (eg overly restrictive, limited choice) * Environmental pollutants (eg. temperature, noise levels) 3.2 Explain how slow and fast triggers contribute to challenging behaviour Triggers are factors that make challenging behaviours more likely to occur. They include: * Slow triggers, which are aspects of a

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