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unit 57 1.3 describe ways to resolve any difficulties or dilemmas about the choice of food and drink: You could inform the individuals what is on the menu, if they say they don't like a certain food/ drink you could offer them a alternative. 1.4 describe how and when to seek additional guidance about an individual’s choice of food and drink The individual may have certain foods they don't like or cannot eat for health reasons, if you refer to the individuals care plan you should find this information, also you may have an individual that is diabetic, you could seek guidance from their GP regarding what is and isn't safe for them to eat and drink. 3.1 describe factors that help promote an individual’s dignity, comfort and…show more content…
Where infection control contributed to reasons for enforcement action, the same issues as stated previously for requirements were most common. Examples of issues which contributed to enforcement: § no up-to-date infection control procedures or staff training § out of date foods in use § hot foods served cold from dirty serving area § lack of cleaning, odours such as stale urine § poor state of repair of building and facilities § inappropriate treatment of people with infection and lack of information in the person’s personal care plan § lack of management support/poor management § lack of staff. 2.4 Describe ways to ensure the individual can summon help when alone during personal care There is wide range of personal alarms and other emergency response equipment available to those who live on their own, and they can take many forms . Some might depend on someone being nearby - for example in another room or next door Telecare alarms, known as community alarm services, are very useful for people who live alone. They work through a base unit in your home, which is connected to your phone line. You can press a button on the unit or on a pendant that you wear around your neck. This connects you to an operator who can arrange the help you need. Some telecare alarms have movement sensors that can detect if someone has fallen and cannot get up, or leaves a certain area. Those alarms will be activated automatically, so

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