Nvq Level2 Plastering Que 839 Essay examples

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QCF 641 1.4 1) Fall restraint system should be used when working at height 2) PPE must be worn at all times and as instructed. 3) RPE should be worn when cutting stone 4) LEV should be used when working in a closed environment. 1.5 All health and safety equipment should be used in the correct environment. You should wear the correct PPE for the job i.e LEV when working in a closed environment. Read all hazard boards. 1.6 Information – first aid etc Prohibition – Prohibited from doing Mandatory – PPE Warning – Plant etc 1.7 To ensure you are safe and that the work environment is a safe place to work in and to inform contractors and operatives of any changes on site and also prevents accidents. 1.8 Follow all rules…show more content…
4.5 Bad working relationships can cause problems which can result in delays and the job incurring additional costs if it was to over run its schedule. 4.6 Treat all other people equally and show respect for other religions and diversity. The site should have disabled access and both male and female toilets. On site canteen should provide for differing dietry needs. QCF 643 1.3 Data Sheets – from hire company COSHH – on product CDM – in site office All information should be read and understood before use of the resource. 1.4 Any issues should be reported to the site manager. Unsuitable resources should be reported to site supervisor who will then be able to rectify the problem, 1.5 Data sheets can be requested from the hire company. Internet can also be a good resource for further information. 2.1 Work safely and don’t take any risks. Correct PPE should be worn for the correct environment Materials and resources

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