Nwoye Mother

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Nwoye is the oldest son of Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart. The author didn’t do much description about Nwoye in the entire story. But he showed an irreplaceable role in comparison to his father, Okonkwo. Nwoye has a miserable childhood under the frequent beating and criticism from his father. During his teenage period, Nwoye has tried to fulfill his father’s expectation of being a more masculine person when Ikemefuna came and lived with his family as his elder brother. Although Nwoye prefers the tales told by his mother rather than the cruel bloody war stories told by Okonkwo. After the unjust death of Ikemefuna, Nwoye becomes skeptical about the laws in their clan and his father’s power. When the missionaries came to Mbanta, he disobeyed his…show more content…
Since then, she has become cautious and self-contemptuous. Looks like she’s hardly being noticed by the world, even her Mama says “showing just enough of her thin body enveloped in pink skirt and red blouse for me to know she’s there, almost hidden by the door”. (Page 337) Compare to Maggie, her sister Dee can easily have things she may never have in her life, like her appearance, Dee’s husband “Hakim-a-barber”, a nice dress. (Page 338, Page 340) Maggie only wants the quilt Mama has promised. Before Dee leaves, Mama “did something she had never done before” – snatch the quilt from Dee and throw it to Maggie. (Page 343) Maggie makes a “real smile” when Dee leaves. (Page…show more content…
First, they both live a miserable childhood, feared from their loving ones. Nwoye is frightened by his father, whereas Maggie is scared of her sister. As for Nwoye, he has an “effeminate” nature, like his grandfather Unoka. (Achebe Loc 693) Thus, he is often beaten and frightens by his father Okonkwo at his youth. As for Maggie, the fire burn scars abased herself before everybody, especially her sister Dee. She has a complex emotion towards Dee, self-abasement, jealousy, or even hate. I consider that deep down, they both have generous hearts. If they don’t have hope in their lives, Nwoye won’t be skeptical about the twins and Ikemefuna’s death and enjoy the folktale told by his mother. And Maggie won’t repress her desire of the quilt when Dee tries to take it. Second, I think both characters have a strong emotion towards their families. And their emotions are to some degree seemingly alike. Nwoye shows his respect to his father and tries to please him by listening bloody story in Okonkwo’s Obi and farming with Okonkwo. Maggie shows her respect and awe by welcoming Dee home on her best dress and repressing her fondness of the quilt. The last common point is that they both show hope in their life. However, their hopes should be differentiated. Nwoye loses his faith when he knows Ikemefuna is killed. He just hung limp. (Achebe Loc 679) When the missionaries come to their
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