Nyoki-Personal Narrative

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Heading to her final class for the day, Sanika is frozen in her tracks as she catches a glimpse of Nyoki, her breathing becoming tapered, she reach for her chest as it begins tightening, she starts feeling . *Will he be understanding of my situation? Please be okay with working together around my schedule!* she thought as she watched Nyoki and Brendan walking to class. "How was class Sanika? Was Nyoki mean to you?" At the mention of Nyoki's name Sanika lost her train of thought, turning around she saw Miki. "Huh, the class was great and Nyoki let me borrow a pencil, so I can not say he was mean to me in the least bit, but I did happen to get paired with him for our first assignment!" Sanika said hiding her anxiety looking back out the window.
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