O Blarney's Irish Pub Research Paper

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O'Blarney's Irish Pub is a jolly sports bar and charming eatery specializing in Irish fare in Olympia. Appetizers like the beer buddies, beer-battered cheese-filled tater tots with ranch dipping sauce and the hummus and flatbread served with carrots, broccoli and cucumbers make for fun to share starters. The burger menu includes the turkey burger and its polar opposite, the Outrageous Blarney, with two beef patties, double cheese, ham, bacon and a fried egg, for the truly hungry diner. Pub favorites include the seafood tacos with pico de gallo and refried beans and the Redhook beer-battered shrimp with chips. Traditional Irish meals, like the beefy shepherd's pie topped with mashed potatoes, the corned beef and cabbage, are served with fresh
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