O' Connor and Hawthorn Essay

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Flannery O'Connor stated in relation to Nathaniel Hawthorn: "I feel more of a kinship with him than any other American Writer." This kinship is well deserved when considering all the similarities between these two authors. Both authors use central literary symbols to strengthen the story and the meaning behind it. Along with similarities in tone and theme these authors differ greatly when it comes to the style of their writings. Despite all the differences it is the central literary symbol of the black veil and the wooden leg that tie these stories together much like the kinship felt between them authors. Hawthorn's "The Ministers black Veil" revolved entirely around the central literary symbol (the black veil over the minister's face).…show more content…
It is her excuse to be dark gloomy and so withdrawn. It also symbolizes her feeling of superiority, her higher education and understanding that she feels separates her from the good country people. This is reinforced when the Bible salesman takes off her wooden leg. As soon as the wooden leg is removed she became venerable, and realized that she is no better than the rest world. Both authors have many differences in the style of their writings. O'Connor's style differs dramatically from that of Hawthorn's. O'Connor uses a very ironic style in her story. The seemingly wholesome bible salesman who Hulga's mother refers to as "nice dull young man" (454) turned out to be a disgusting man who doesn't believe in a damn thing. This irony extends even further by having Hulga be the victim at the end when it was her who set out to seduce the bible saleman not visa versa. Hawthorn sticks to a more dramatic style rather than using irony. The story is direct and has an underlying hidden meaning through out the story, unlike O'Connors whose meaning explodes at the uncovering of an ironic twist. Even though both writers have different styles of writing they have many similarities in the tone and theme. Both writers have a central theme that is trying to offer an insight into the human psyche. Hulga was disconnected from society and felt that she was

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