O How Human Resource Management Has Developed in the Past Few Years to Become an Integral Part of Our Organizations?

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Essay Question: How Human Resource Management has developed in the past few years to become an integral part of our organizations? Major Field of Study: Human Resource Management. Human Resource Management has developed in the past few years to become an integral part of our organization. According to Armstrong, Michael (2006), “The terms "Human Resource Management" (HRM) and "human resources" (HR) have largely replaced the term "personnel management" (PM) as a description of the processes involved in managing people in organizations. In simple words PM means to describe activities that are necessary in the recruiting of a workforce, providing its members with payroll and benefits, and administrating their…show more content…
The debate about HRM was conducted in the early days about the lack of research material on the subject is quickly turning into a thing of the past. More and more institutions are offering a course about HRM, and more and more people are learning from it. In order to be a good manager the HRM skills are required more in today’s date. Hardly a week goes by without the publication of another book on HRM. There are numerous handbooks, textbooks, encyclopedias, research and casebooks about HRM Businesses are getting globalised which means that as a manager of a department you may have communicate and manage people from lots of different cultures. Your duties may involve promotion, downsizing and performance reviews. You will have to do these with people from many different cultures, and to do these tasks you will require a higher understanding of HRM, which all in turn will lead to the organizations progress and profit. References Armstrong, Michael (2006). A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice (10th ed.) J.M.Jenks, ‘Let’s stop professionalizing’, Personnel Journal, vol 37, no. 3 July-Aug H.J.Chruden and J.W.Sherman, Managing Human Resources, 7th edition, 1984, p. 13 Peter S.Low, Mark P.Mourell, Stephen P. Robbins, Managing Human Resources, , 1986, p. 2, chapter 1 Bachelor Of International Hospitality Management (2009),
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