O.J. Simpson Not Guilty

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To: Dr. Sirleaf
From: Vinita Dixon
Topic: Why O.J. Simpson was found not guilty
May 12, 2010
Strayer University

The double homicide trial of O.J. Simpson may be over but the speculation of how and why he was found not guilty is still running sky high. Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were stabbed to death outside her Brentwood townhouse on June 12 1994. Former American football star O.J. Simpson was arrested soon after the killings but insisted from the start he was "absolutely, 100% not guilty (BBC News, 1995).”
Exactly what happened sometime after ten o 'clock on the Sunday night of June 12, 1994 is still disputed, but most likely a single male came through the back entrance of Nicole Brown Simpson 's
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Simpson left behind a letter. Addressed to "To whom it may concern," it had all the markings of a suicide letter. It ended: "Don 't feel sorry for me. I 've had a great life, great friends. Please think of the real O. J. and not this lost person. Thanks for making my life special. I hope I helped yours. Peace and love, O. J." Around 6:20 a motorist in Orange County saw Simpson riding in the white Bronco of his friend, A. C. Cowlings, and notified police. Soon a dozen police cars, news helicopters, and some curious members of the public were following in pursuit of the Bronco. The slow-motion chase would finally end with Simpson 's arrest in his own driveway. After making the arrest, police discovered $8,750 in cash, a false beard and mustache, a loaded gun, and a passport in Cowlings ' vehicle.
Orenthal James Simpson 's fate became the essential television viewing for the American public while 95 million Americans watched police give chase to his white Ford Bronco on the day of his arrest (BBC News, 1995). Testimony in the trial took almost nine months, encompassing about 120 witnesses, 45,000 pages of evidence and 1,100 exhibits.
The jury was made up of 10 women and two men, comprising nine blacks, two whites and one Hispanic (CNN, 1995) According to media reports, prosecutor Marcia Clark thought that women, regardless of race, would sympathize with

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