O. J. Wade Jones: A Narrative Fiction

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Seasonal Secrets Wade Wade Jones walked home in the middle of a cold, winter New York night. He had a hard day at Jones Financial Corporation, dealing with annoying employees, barking at his door. As he was walking down a lonely street, he saw his old friend, O.J. Derrick. “ Hey, what’s up, young blood. You're coming over here to give me my money from three years ago,” O.J. said. “ Hey, whats up Derrick. I told you last week, that I gave you money a year later. How are you doing,man,” Wade said, with a frown on his face. O.J. has been on drugs for so long that it affected his memory. He doesn’t even remember his 25th birthday. “ I am doing good, Wade. This business man came over here yesterday and gave me money for food,” O.J said.…show more content…
“ No probs man. I will do anything for you and I also wanted to see this trainwreck,” Aaron said, laughing. “ And trust me this will be a trainwreck. Nate, can you come here for a second,” Wade said, gesturing Nate to come over. “ Yes Mr.Jones,” Nate said,shivering. “ Nate, for the last time you can call me Wade. You earned enough respect to call me Wade,” Wade said. Mr. Jones reminded him of his good for nothing, always drunk father. Wade still remembers his dad and how he treated others . “ Trudy, get your ass up and make me a sandwich,” Arthur said, drinking his beer. Arthur was sitting down in his favorite recliner,drinking his beer. Trudy walked out of the kitchen with a plate in her hand. “ Arthur,please don’t curse in front of your son,” Trudy said. Little five year old, Wade was on a beat up rug,playing with a torn up teddy bear. “ I don’t give a shit about that mistake. I always tell you to leave him somewhere. Where is my sandwhich,bitch?” Arthur said. Trudy gave him his sandwich and Arthur bit into it. Suddenly, Arthur spit the sandwich on Wade and threw his plate at him. “ What wrong, Arthur,” Trudy said, waiting for an answer. Arthur inhaled and exhaled and got up from his chair. He walked to the small table and kneel down. He grab a kilo divider and sniffed white stuff. He got back up and moved towards Trudy . Arthur exhaled and quickly slapped trudy in the face. Trudy went down and Wade started to cry. “ I told you I hate lettuce,” Arthur said,hitting her in the face. “ Mistake,stop crying or I will whip you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to breath,” Arthur said. Suddenly Wade stopped crying. “ You two come up stairs,” Arthur said, urging them to come over. Trudy picked up Wade and walked up stairs. They walked all the way into the master bedroom. Arthur opened the door and urged them to walk in front of him and hde suddenly locked the door. “ Wade, sit down in that chair and
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